AML/KYC policy

365exchange service reserves the right to apply the AML/KYC procedure to certain Users, addresses and particular transactions of crypto assets. Application of the AML/KYC procedure is based on 365exchange service internal policies and aimed at preventing and mitigating possible risks of 365exchange service being involved in money laundering as well as any other illegal activities.

Please be informed, that 365exchange service reserves the right to appoint Third-party service provider in order to fulfil AML/KYC procedure on behalf of 365exchange service. While processing your information, such service provider completely complies with our Privacy Policy in respect of your personal information.

During the AML/KYC procedure, we reserve the right to freeze and withhold your exchange transaction for any length of time necessary to complete the investigation and AML/KYC procedure. If you do not complete or pass the AML/KYC procedure 365exchange has the right to terminate the execution of your transactions.

365exchange service will not enter a business arrangement with individual or entity suspected of or directly involved in money laundering, or in which the funds have been the source of illegal activity.